Ceramic pigments and glazes based on man-made and natural minerals

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For surface and volumetric coloring of ceramic products, production of protective and decorative coatings on porcelain, architectural and construction products, tiles, building ceramics.

Stage of development

Pilot production


Production of decorative ceramic materials requires significant energy costs and the use of expensive raw materials. The use of non-conventional raw materials can significantly reduce the production cost.

At the production of ceramic pigments with the use of natural minerals, such as wollastonite, diopside, tremolite, talc, topaz, zeolite, kaolin, based on the synthesis of crystalline structures with the use of these materials and the introduction of ions-chromophores into crystalline structures , the firing temperature of pigments decreases by 200- 400 °C.

Introduction into the composition of batch mixtures of pigments and glazes from industrial waste (nepheline sludge from spent catalysts) allows producing various low-cost protective and decorative coatings.

Field of application

Ceramic, porcelain industry, production of construction materials.

Competitive advantages

Implementation of the proposed compositions does not require a fundamental restructuring of existing technological schemes and the equipment, and can significantly reduce operating costs.

Legal protection

RF patents