The mobile extrusion plant for production of consumables for 3D-printers

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An industrial plant allowing to produce plastic filaments for 3D-printers with high accuracy of the diameter (the deviation of the diameter size is less than 40 microns) has been developed.

Current stage

Experimental model


The importance of the mobile extrusion system is the ability to use it in small organizations to reduce the cost of prototyping, and the ability to produce new composite materials.

The system has no analogues in Russia.

The mobile extrusion plant comprises a hopper for polymer powder, an extruder, a die, optical sensors, and a pulling mechanism. The operational scheme is presented in Fig.

Operation of the plant is carried out using a microcontroller. A built-in emergency protection system is available.


Diameter of the produced filament: 1,75 ± 0,04 mm, 2,85 ± 0.04 mm

Productivity: 5-9 kg/day

Power consumption: 500 W


Extruder - 0.17*0.6*0.6 m

Receiving device - 0.6*0.6*0.6 m


Products manufactured using the plant do not differ in quality from European, American, or Chinese producers.

It is possible to recycle household plastic waste using the given plant.

The cost of equipment compares favorably tenfold with industrial extruders.

With the use of this plant it is possible to produce experimental types of polymers for further development of 3D printing technology.