Development of high-power LED lamps

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-Increase of the energy efficiency in modern lighting technology.

- Introduction of new energy-efficient light sources and lighting devices, design of new lighting systems allowing to reduce energy costs.

- Transition to environmentally friendly light sources.



Modular lighting devices with light-emitting diodes as light sources.

Field of application

Lighting devices are designed for lighting of street, parking lots, parks, roads, sports halls, warehouses, shopping halls.

Stage of development

Serial production of light sources is arranged in LLC “Technologies of Siberia”, Tomsk.

Competitive advantages

High energy efficiency through the use of specular reflectors to create the desired light distribution, while maintaining high performance throughout the service life, environmental friendliness – do not require disposal.

High producibility: the use of extrusion for manufacturing parts of the lighting fixture.

Modularity: production of lighting devices of different capacities (40,75, 120, 155, 230 W), without changing the basic design details.

Legal protection

The development is protected by three patents of the Russian Federation.

Type of cooperation and services offered

Energy audit in the field of street lighting, industrial enterprises and public utilities, development and production of lighting fixtures, modernization and design of new lighting systems, technical support of the project, consulting.